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Artisan Tacos and Cheese and Pickles…Oh My!

8 Jun

If you follow me on Twitter (@12basketsfull) you know how excited I was that the Farmers Market season in my County officially started this past weekend.  If you don’t, then you didn’t and you should. 😉

Below is a photo recap of my favorite things:

Montclair – Very nice, good mix of vendors, there was even a fish monger. Will return for the fresh eggs and artisan cheese. Also for the woman who sold me a Basil plant. I warned her my husband has banned me from purchasing anything living as he has to deal with the emotional fallout when fish, turtle, plant inevitably dies on me. She promised that with minimal care, my basil plant would survive. I will return for her if it doesn’t.

To be completely honest, had there been only one vendor I would return to this market every week providing that single vendor was Taqueria Autentica . I have no words for how good these tacos are. None. I’m speechless.

Montclair Market - Saturdays 8am - 2pm

Conveniently Located

Is that? Yes it is, A TACO TRUCK!

Carnitas Tacos ... Very few things leave me speechless

Nutley – Noticeably smaller than Montclair but I am aware that additional vendors may join later in the season.  I spent significantly more time here although i took less pics as some friends joined me and we were running our mouths and chasing the shade for most of the day.   I did pick up some killer pickled green tomatoes. I enjoy them as a snack, sliced thinly right out of the container but per the Pickler (is that what you call someone who makes pickles?) they make a great salad accompaniment. (See my variation on a classic Tomato and Mozzerella salad below.)

Nutley, NJ

Right off of Franklin Ave

There was some good looking produce...

...I was drawn to the pickles. And the tatt'd up, ex-marine that was dishing them out. 😉

2x Tomato and Mozzerella Salad

1/2 lb fresh mozz

2-3 Pickled Green Tomatoes

2-3 Roma Tomatoes

10-12 Basil Leaves

Slice the tomatoes and cheese about the same size. Layer the cheese and a single basil leaf, between the slices of tomato, alternating the different tomatoes (Red tomato, slice of cheese, basil leaf, Green tomato, slice of cheese, basil leaf, Red tomato… you get the drift.)

Sprinkle with salt and pepper, drizzle with Balsamic vinegar and Olive oil. Enjoy!