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Simple Artichokes with Lemon Butter Sauce

17 Aug

I made artichokes today for the first time. Ever. For some reason I was afraid of them. I thought they would be difficult to handle. They weren’t. What they were was delicious. And sort of sexy.

Throw it all in a pot.

Basically, you flavor water with various seasonings, put the artichokes in, put a lid on and let them steam for a while. Make a quick sauce of melted butter with lemon and you’re done.


I think its sexy because the leaves are kind of dangerous-looking.  Then you eat them one leaf at a time, dipped in sauce. The sauce is tangy and rich and if you don’t move fast enough, it’ll run down your wrist.


Maybe one day I can talk my DH into letting me feed them to him. He’s still afraid. 😉

All Gone!


1 Small onion (quartered)

1 Head of garlic (halved)

1 Tablespoon peppercorns

1 Lemon (halved and juiced)


2-4 whole artichokes


Half a stick of butter

1 Lemon(juiced)


Bring a few inches of water to boil in a large pot.

Prep the artichokes by cutting off the stem, evenly so it’ll sit up. Cut off the top 1/3 and snip the remaining sharp edges with kitchen shears.

Salt the water heavily, add the lemon juice and the lemon. Add the remaining ingredients. Add the artichokes, cut side up , reduce to a simmer, put a lid on and steam for 35-40 mins.

Remove the artichokes and hold upside down to drain any excess water.

Melt the butter in a small pot or in the microwave. Add the lemon juice, season with salt. Mix well. Serve warm.

To eat:

Dip the white fleshy end in the sauce, grip the other end between your thumb and forefinger. Place in your (or your partner’s mouth) and pull through teeth to remove the soft, pulpy, delicious portion at the very end. Discard the remaining petal.