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Not My Momma’s Biscuits

11 May

A more appropriate title would be “Not my Grandmothers’ biscuits.” My momma doesn’t make biscuits. Except the kind that come from a can that pops(!) when you peel back the paper.

When I was a kid, my grandmothers made biscuits. Light, fluffy biscuits that were buttery in flavor and crumbly in texture. Perfect for sopping up a runny egg at breakfast or gravy at dinner. I loved those biscuits.

Back to my Momma’s biscuits. I believe she doesn’t make biscuits because it seems labor intensive. If the butter isn’t cold enough or you over work the dough, you’ll end up with bricks. Bad biscuits.

I woke up the other day at 4:00 am wanting biscuits. Good biscuits. I adapted this recipe. I didn’t have buttermilk and it was 4:00 am so I improvised mixing creme fraiche and half and half until I had the requisite amount of “liquid”. It worked.

Because it was early (did I mention it was 4:00 am?) I also didn’t have the patience to “rub butter and shortening into dry ingredients until mixture looks like crumbs” as the recipe suggests. Sounds tedious. I hadn’t even brushed my teeth yet. This is why my momma didn’t make biscuits. I used the pulse feature on my CuisinArt. It worked.

Here’s what you need, doesn’t take much…

I literally dumped everything but the liquid in, again not much effort.

Pulse, Pulse, Pulse. 3-6 times, you’ll see the crumbs begin to form.

Buttermilk would have probably given more of a tangy taste, but this mixture worked in a pinch and lent a subtle creaminess that could go savory or sweet.

With the lid on, pour in the liquid in a slow stream while continuing to pulse until the dough just comes together.

Flour the surface, flour the dough and fold it over a few times until it comes together. Press out until its about an inch thick and cut out two inch rounds. I used a wine glass. It was too early to rattle around for cutters and for some reason wine glasses are readily available in this house… That’s a whole other story.

Place on a parchment lined sheet pan or a cookie sheet (or whatever makes the least amount of noise to get to) and bake at 450 for approximately 18 minutes.

Happy Mother’s Day, Enjoy!